Spaces of collaboration

This website has been put together to support collaboration between Helen Scalway’s art practice visualising complex and vital spaces and Gail Davies’ social scientific research on the changing place of mice in the contemporary biosciences.

This collaboration began in 2010, following a chance encounter at the Creative Public Geographies event in Exeter. It has proceeded through informal conversations around the production of draft sketches, a joint seminar in London, a further one in Beijing in the autumn of 2012.

We are now having some discussions about what to do next, with some new images and some revisions to the website planned for early summer 2013.  In the meantime, we invite you to explore and comment on these images and their rendering of the spaces, places and relations of the contemporary biosciences.

Helen and Gail

One thought on “Spaces of collaboration

  1. What is contemporary art for us now? Do we, as artists, have the ability to create the challenges, the re-examination of our world through abstraction? How do we create a vital and crucial communication via the unidentifiable, the unfamiliar? In the desire for change lies the ability of artistic endeavour to create the fragile articulations and spaces where the viewer/audience/witness is at last given the opportunity to do what they do best – think about where they are now and where they could be.

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